About Us

About Us

Williston Economic Development

The Williston Economic Development Office is a department housed within the City of Williston and overseen by the Williston Board of City Commissioners.

Facilitate, lead and promote a vibrant business climate through sound economic policy.

Williston Economic Development will be the development leader in western North Dakota by establishing the region as a recognized, desirable, sustainable and business friendly place in North Dakota for diverse industries to locate and conduct business.

10 Year Strategic Economic Plan
Utilizing the Sloulin Field Airport redevelopment project as the backbone from which to diversify, the Williston Economic Development Office will coordinate and facilitate the creation of a 10-year strategic economic plan, which is anticipated to include.

Identifying and leveraging the City's core business sectors, which will serve as the primary areas of economic focus within the city moving forward. Such sectors are anticipated to include:

  • Diversification within Energy
    • Agriculture
    • Technology
    • Foreign Trade/Distribution
    • Light Manufacturing
  • Establishing strategic action steps necessary to maximize a private sector investment/response within each sector.
  • Determine Williston's "Global Value Proposition" within each sector, as well as the differentiation of such propositions to those being advocated within the respective markets.


Creation of "Global Branding" and "Marketing Strategy" aimed to advance such propositions at a level unseen by any community within the overall Bakken region.
Leveraging and advancing Williston's Brand internationally as well as domestically and regionally.
Exploring a variety of ways the City may potentially enhance its Business Friendly economic environment. Such considerations may include the creation of alternative business lending strategies/collaborations(both privately and institutionally)as well as locally amended tax policies and/or non-financial business oriented incentives within the community.
Strategically demonstrating Williston's commitment to technology through utilization of the new airport and city center project as "Demonstration Projects".

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