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Redevelopment of Soulin Field Airport

In 2015, the City of Williston determined the need to relocate all airport related services from Sloulin Field to a new location.  

Upon completion of the new airport, all current commercial and airport related operations occurring at Sloulin Field would cease to exist; as they will be transferred to the new airport location. 

Therefore, it is anticipated the approximate 800 acres presently associated with this site will provide vital redevelopment opportunities, which must be evaluated and pursued in harmony with preserving opportunities, which must be evaluated and pursued in harmony with preserving prudent public planning, as well as advancing Williston’s quality of life priorities.

Accordingly, the city solicited the engagement and establishment of a public/private development relationship with Cardon Global, private development partner, who can assist and/or potentially lead such commercial/affordable housing expansions in harmony with overall city objectives while attempting to recover a maximum value for said property.  These include in part:

  • The need to be timely, efficient and innovative in terms of assuring the overall City’s planning objectives relating to the redevelopment of Sloulin Field are achieved and preserved in harmony with private sector expansion;

  • The determination of where limited community-based investments should be prioritized, placed and minimized, as necessary to facilitate the maximum involvement of private sector investment and ownership;

  • The need to overcome and swiftly address the significant need for affordable and mixed-use housing options within Williston;

  • The need to assure the presence of master planning in pursuit of such objectives; the desire to implement “best practices”, as observed nationally within public/private partnerships with the goal of assuring Williston is not only successful in physically advancing development within the community, but also the overall benefits to our community are realized.

It should be noted the primary objective in pursuing a public/private partnership with a private development partner is to strategically address the potential redevelopment of Sloulin Field International Airport, once operations have relocated to a potential new site. Within these objectives, the City of Williston is by no means transferring its public responsibilities and/or authority associated with these objectives directly or indirectly to a private partner; but rather pursuing the increased benefits, innovation and efficiencies associated within a public/private partnership approach.  

Accordingly, the City of Williston believes the engagement of a private sector development partner will work in conjunction with city objectives as opposed to apart from them; thereby enhancing the community’s overall ability to be timely, efficient and commercially successful from all standpoints.

The Williston Economic Development office is acting as the facilitator of this initiative.

World renowned development team will take the lead on Sloulin Field – Williston Wire
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