C4 Façade Program

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Goals of the C4 Façade Incentive Grant Program:

The purpose of this program is to promote exterior maintenance, rehabilitation and exterior improvements of commercial buildings in order to enhance the overall appearance quality and vitality of downtown Williston.

Process for the C4 Façade Incentive Grant Program:

Any application must be reviewed prior and approved before construction may begin. 

The applicant submits an application prior to work being conducted to the STAR Fund c/o Williston Economic Development requesting assistance from the Façade Incentive Grant program. 

The Williston’s Renaissance Zone Board will review the applicant’s request and provide a staff report and recommendation to the STAR Fund board. 

Where the STAR Fund will review the recommendation and has the right to approve, table or not approval any project. 

If approved the STAR Fund board will bring a recommendation to the City Commission meeting on the findings contained in the Renaissance report and acknowledgment from the approved STAR Fund. 

The Williston City Commission will take final action based on the STAR Fund recommendation provided. 

If the applicant’s request is approved by the Williston City Commission the applicant may instruct the contractor to begin work on the project. 

The applicant will be responsible for all applicable bills and invoices associated with the project. 

A request for reimbursement may be submitted by the applicant to the STAR Fund at the completion of the project and payment of any related bills or invoices. 

A final inspection will be conducted by the Planning and Zoning Department. 

Once final inspection is complete the STAR Fund will process the applicant’s application for funding.

Additional information regarding the program can be found on the application:

C4 Façade Incentive Grant Program Application

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