Williston STAR Fund

Williston STAR Fund

The voters of the City of Williston approved a 1% city sales tax through June 30, 2020. 
75% of the proceeds of such City sales and use tax shall be dedicated to property tax relief through debt reduction and to necessary infrastructure and 25% shall be dedicated to an economic and community development related to workforce development, community enhancement, and quality of life projects, with the primary objective of creating jobs by applying funds for business retention, expansion and recruitment in Williston and northwestern North Dakota.  
The funds shall be administered by a seven (7) member committee appointed by the Williston City Commission and may allow two (2) City Commissioners to serve on such a committee. All projects recommended by Williston STAR Fund will be subject to approval by the Williston City Commission. Upon passing a resolution by a 4/5ths vote of the Commissioners, the City Commission may allocate up to a total of 75% of the proceeds to either use described above.

STAR Fund Ordinance

Williston City Commission

STAR Fund Advisory Board

Leah Johnson Ellis, Chair
Nick Lee, Vice Chair
Rob Shannon
Brock Romine
Brad Curtis
Howard Klug
Brad Bekkedahl

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