Williston STAR Fund

C4 Technical Assistance Grant Program

The purpose of this program is to provide monetary assistance for professional technical services during the preliminary and design phase of projects that involve structural assessment, assessment of suitability for rehabilitation and assessment of mechanical or electrical systems.  

This program is not to be used to provide assistance for projects that consist of remodeling, resurfacing or updating a property.

How the C4 Technical Assistance Grant Program Works:

The applicant submits an application to the STAR Fund c/o Williston Economic Development requesting assistance from the C4 Technical Assistance Bank Grant Program funding.  

The STAR Fund will review the recommendation and has the right to approve, table or deny any project.  

If approved the STAR Fund board will bring their recommendation to the Williston City Commission meeting.  

The Williston City Commission will take final action based on the STAR Fund recommendation provided.  

If the applicant’s request is approved by the Williston City Commission the applicant will receive authorization of approval from the STAR Fund.  

Once applicant receives the authorization letter he/she may instruction the architect or engineer providing professional services to begin their services on the subject property.  

The applicant will be responsible for all applicable bills and invoices associated with the property project.  

A request for reimbursement may be submitted by the applicant to the STAR Fund once the professional services have been performed and all related bills have been paid by the applicant.

  The STAR Fund board and City Commission reserves the right to make final determination.  

Any report or study funded by this grant program must be provided to the Williston Economic Development and Star Fund and may be used by either Williston Economic Development or Star Fund.  

Applicants and/or property owner will only be eligible for one STAR Fund program every five years from application’s approval by City Commission; with the exception of the C4 Technical Assistant Program.  

The effective date for C4 Technical Assistance Grant program & C4 Façade Incentive Grant program shall be retroactive to any fund procured after January 1, 2012.

Additional information regarding the program can be found on the application:

C4 Technical Assistance Grant Program Application

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