Williston STAR Fund

Child Care Assistance Program

Programs are available for all new and existing licensed providers within the City of Williston and Extra Territorial Jurisdiction.

Existing Providers:

Upon annual renewal of ND Child Care License, existing providers are each eligible for up to $1,000.00 in annual assistance.
  • Licensed providers can apply for this grant anytime during the 12-month licensed period.
  • Providers licensed must be current with no outstanding contingencies.
  • Amount of grant assistance is based off a scoring model that includes: A base allocation of $350.00 to offset annual licensing costs, a 1:1 match not to exceed $200.00 for replacement of equipment and curriculum materials. (Receipts required), up to $250.00 towards priority given to infant care. (0-18 months), up to $200.00 awarded to licensed providers for years of service.
  • STAR FUND will allocate up to $25,000.00 per year towards this program with priority given to existing licensed providers.

New Providers:

New providers are eligible to apply through the Flex Pace Interest Buy Down or Mini Match program administered through STAR Fund.

Note: Existing providers looking to expand or remodel are also available for these programs.

Flex Pace Interest Buydown:

  • Current program rules apply to applicants.

Mini Match Grant Guidelines:

  • New Daycare start-ups are eligible for a 1:1 match not to exceed $5,000.00 (Must provide receipts)
  • Providers who receive mini match dollars must remain in operation for a minimum of 2-years. If operations cease to exist as a licensed child care facility within this period a pro-rated return of grant dollars received will be required.

New and existing providers who receive start up assistance through the Flex or Mini Match program are ineligible for the annual assistance grant for two years of licensed operation.
Child Care Assistance Program Application
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