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Buxton / Williston Economic Development Partnership
Buxton Market Research and Support 2016
60-Mile Radius 2016
Drive Time Trade Area Demographics
Regional Visitor Demographics
Saskatoon Metropolitan Area 2015

Williston Data
2016 Profile Sheet - Updated February 18, 2016
Program of Work 2016
City of Williston - Capital Improvements Plan 2015-2016
NDSU Population Study - March 2015
Legislative Booklet 2015
Department of Building Safety - Building Permit Reports
NDHFA - Housing Incentive Fund
City Sales and Use Tax Statistical Reports

Workforce Data
Williams County Profile
Employment and Wage by Industry
Employment and Wages by Occupation
Labor Force and Unemployment Statistics
North Dakota's Oil and Gas Economy

Williston Regional and Commercial Map
Williston Map
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Highway Data
North Dakota Department of Transportation (ND DOT)
ND DOT Traffic Counts
NDDOT Williston Projects
Theodore Roosevelt Expressway

Oil and Gas Links
North Dakota Petroleum Council
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North Dakota Pipeline Authority
North Dakota Oil Can
Williston API
Don's Directory (Oilfield Service Directory)

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