Williston STAR Fund

Williston STAR Fund

The voters of the City of Williston approved a 1% city sales tax through June 30, 2030. 

Of the proceeds, 75% is dedicated to infrastructure debt relief for City of Williston projects with the remaining 25% dedicated to jobs creation and community development.  Additionally the STAR Fund sets aside up to $50,000 each year available to City of Williston and regional entities seeking to enhance the quality of life within the region.  Since 2010 the jobs creation and community development portion has assisted over 250 startup businesses, retail space, service providers, housing expansion, daycares, manufacturing, industrial facilities and quality of life improvements.

The jobs creation and community development portion of the STAR Fund is governed by a seven member board of directors.

STAR Fund Advisory Board

Leah Johnson Ellis, Chair
Nick Lee, Vice Chair
Rob Shannon
Brock Romine
Brad Curtis
Howard Klug
Brad Bekkedahl

How Do I Apply to the STAR Fund? – Applications can be obtained at the Williston Economic Development office or online at www.willistondevelopment.com 

What Type of STAR Fund Programs are Available? – Low interest loan programs for new and existing businesses, matching grants for business remodel and sign replacements, incentive funding for existing and new child care facilities, and grant opportunities for qualifying projects that enhance quality of life in the community.

How Long Does the Application Process Take? – If everything is in order STAR Fund incentives are usually approved within  4 weeks of initial application. 


  • Applying for a program does not guarantee funding.
  • Proof of matching funds are highly recommended for all applicants.
  • The Williston Board of City Commissioners reserves the final approval/denial of all applicants.
  • Other rules and regulations not listed within this handout may apply.

Contact Information:

Brenda Schmidt
Administrative Assistant
Williston Economic Development
113 4th Street East

Shawn Wenko
Executive Director
Williston Economic Development

Keith Olson
ND SBDC Regional Director
113 4th Street East

STAR Fund Ordinance
Williston City Commission

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